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AnyConnect and hibernation issue


I  have a customer that uses AnyConnect for VPN and posture for about 2000  computers and are in the pilot phase  to start a deployment of 802.1X  with ISE for about 20 000 computers.

With AnyConnect today there  are a problem with hibernation and deploying new applications that they  would like to get solved before dot1x.

The problem:

When  a laptop have AnyConnect installed and goes in to hibernation, and then  wake up, the deployment system cannot install a new application on that  laptop until either a reboot of the laptop or if they wait 90  minutes for a new GP update.

After hibernation the laptop can get the domain GPO from \\xxx\syvol but not connect to the share \\xxx\DFS for the application.

If you do this on a laptop without AnyConnect it works as it should.

What could be the problem here, anyone experienced something similar?

Deployment system comes from Spacops Softaware

Laptops are running Windows 7 SP1 and AnyConnect 3.1.00495. AC run VPN, NAM, Postuer and SBL.

The  end customer have tested a later AnyConnect version with the same  results. I have asked them to do it again with the latest AnyConnect.


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