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anyconnect and Iphone

trying to get anyconnect working on Iphone. I want to use certs for authentication. everytime I try to connect I get untrusted connection error.

I have installed the CA cert on the Iphone and the ASA and I have installed an Identity cert on the ASA

Do I need to have an Identity cert on the Iphone? It may be a basic question but none of the docs make it very clear

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Is the root CA certificate

Is the root CA certificate from the same CA that signed the ASA identity certificate or is that self-signed? Have you also installed the ASA Identity certificate into the AnyConnect certificate store on the iPhone (Diagnostics, Certificates).

You can only install a "valid" certificate - the CN (Common Name) in the certificate should match the FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) in DNS.

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and that is relevant to my

and that is relevant to my question how?

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Thanks Marvin. Also thanks

Thanks Marvin. Also thanks for your suggestions to solving the issue. I managed get certs working from Jabber for Windows. But on the Iphone I tried using NDES. This came up with network error. Even though I was connected across the VPN.  Do I have to be on the LAN

to get it to install?

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The untrusted connection you

The untrusted connection you originally mentioned would generally apply to the iPhone not trusting the ASA identity certificate. Is it self-signed or is it issued by the Microsoft NDES?

I'm guessing the latter as that is what you are trying to get the phone's iOS to trust - correct? I believe you should be able to do it "over the air" but you can also use the iPhone Configuration Utility for Windows. See this external article for tips on ding that.

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Thanks Marvin, I had tried

Thanks Marvin, I had tried the Iphone config and followed the article you mentioned. it all looks good and I can get the install option on the iphone. but when I press install, it gives a network error. I have now tried from the wireless at the office and still gives the same error. I wonder, is their a way of creating the cert for the Iphone from another device and then emailling it across to the Iphone?

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