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New Member

Anyconnect / Cisco VPN does not stay connected

Hi all,

I have a PC at home which is dedicated to one specific task, and need it to be connected to our company VPN at all times. This PC gets accessed by another remote worker (RDP), through the VPN.

This works fine with the PC at my home office connecting via the Anyconnect client... for a few days, then mysteriously disconnects and doesnt automatically reconnect, with the following Anyconnect error;

"The vpn connection to the secure gateway was disrupted and could not be automatically re-established. A new connection is necessary, which requires re-authentication"

I have to manually reconnect and re-enter the password, after which it connects fine.

I have looked on the central ASA5510 (which all clients connect to) and set the idle timeout to unlimited for the appropriate AnyConnect profile and group policy, I cant seem to find any other settings to allow it to stay 'always on' from the client.

I am wondering (but am not sure if this is the problem) if it is perhaps because I am on a normal home broadband connection, which uses a dynamic IP, not static. My ISP (Sky) cannot provide a static IP for my public interface.. so not sure how to get around that problem if this is the cause.

Any ideas?

New Member

Anyconnect / Cisco VPN does not stay connected

I have the exactly same issue except I don't know how to manually reconnect and re-enter my password.  I would be happy if someone could tell me that.


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