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Anyconnect client (vpnui) startup issue

We want to establish automatic anyconnect vpn creation from a browser.

Vpnui.exe is unfortunately not scriptable and thus we have written a custom application for the anyconnect vpnapi.dll

The browser initiated application connects and after successful connection the program detaches from the vpnapi and attempts to start the vpnui.exe.

This would ideally start the normal anyconnect ui in the traybar in state connected, giving the user a standard way to disconnect.

This works in some environments, but in other vpnui terminates immediately with error

Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client GUI exiting, version 2.5.1025 , return code 100003 [0x000186A3]

A full event log is attached

If the anyconnect gui is started manually by the user afterwards the desired behavior is observed – vpnui is minimized in traybar in state connected

Peter Buus


Community Member

Re: Anyconnect client (vpnui) startup issue

I found the reason - just letting other in same situation know the solution:

It is not enough for the custom application to call vpnapi.detach() - the process has to be terminated.

Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client GUI exiting, version 2.5.1025 , return code 100003 [0x000186A3] indicates that another process that has connected to vpnapi.dll is still running. Regardless of the other process has called vpnapi.detach()

Thus my solution is

CustomAppA establishes VPN connection calling vpnapi.dll

CustomAppA calls CustomAppB and terminates

CustomAppB assures that CustomAppA has terminated and starts vpnui.exe


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