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AnyConnect - connection profiles issue


I've configured AnyConnect SSL VPN  for two connections profiles which can be chosen when I try to establish connection. Following aliases has been configured for those con profiles:

* Con1

* Con2

the problem is that every time when I try to select the second one (Con2)  from the group list it utomatically returns to the first one (con1). Generaly I am not able to choose Con2. It looks like the Con1 is  the default  and I can connect using only this profile. I've checked  the preferences.xml and preferences_global.xml files and the default group is not configured. What is more when I change the aliases name for those connection profiles to:

* 1Con2

* Con1

I can choose only 1Con2 so it seems that only the first con prof on the list can be used. Any ideas?

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AnyConnect - connection profiles issue

Some details of how you did the configuration would help us to figure out what is the issue. Right now we have no detail to work with to try to understand it.




AnyConnect - connection profiles issue

Hi Marek,

look for old cached connection profiles here:

Something similar happend to me when I changed the profile name on the server and reconnected. The client found the old profile with the same server address and switched to the old profile although I had provided a new profile on the VPN server.

Just clear all profiles from the specified locations and connect to the server once again. Anyconnect will establish a connection and download the new profile. You should only see the new connection profile offered in the drop down box after that.

If you want to provide two different protocols (SSL and IPsec) for the same server you configure only one profile with two entries in the server list, one with SSL, the other IPsec as a preferred protocol.

In that case you will have a single profile but two choices in the drop down box on the Anyconnect client.



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