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AnyConnect: No Address Available for SVC Connection on Cisco ASA 5505

Get Error

The secure gateway has rejected the connection attempt.   A new connection attempt to the same or another secure gateway is needed, which requires re-authentication.   The follow message was received from the secure gateway:    No address available for SVC connection.

ip local pool VPN mask

tunnel-group SSL type remote-access tunnel-group SSL general-attributes address-pool VPN tunnel-group Any-Connect type remote-access tunnel-group Any-Connect general-attributes address-pool VPN

I have a VPN pool

I can make a clientless SSL connection

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AnyConnect: No Address Available for SVC Connection on Cisco A


Maybe you are not falling into that tunnel-group SSL? By default, you will fall into the DefaultWebvpnGroup unless you choose the TG via a dropdown or directly access the group via a groupurl.

Example: When no 'tunnel-group-list' or 'group-url' is configured:

Accessing https:// will take you to DefaultWebvpnGroup.

When 'tunnel-group-list enable' is configured under webvpn, you will get a dropdown of tunnel-groups to choose from [provided you have an alias defined for the group]

When group-url is configured for a particular TG, say https:///test , on accessing that URL, you are taken to that group directly.

So basically, you would need to check which group you are hitting. Running 'debug webvpn 255' should also show you this.



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Another reason you may get

Another reason you may get this is because of the address assignment policy.

If the ASA is set to use an authentication server or an external DHCP then it will fail until you specify one in the connection profile.

The following line fixed this for me by forcing the router to default to a local assignment of addresses for the VPN:

ASA5510(config)# vpn-addr-assign local reuse-delay 5

Hope this helps anyone else that is looking.

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Hi Dorkyninja,Thanks for your

Hi Dorkyninja,

Thanks for your answer!

Your answer has been very useful for me to solve the issues with ASA Anyconnect VPN. Thanks again!

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