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AnyConnect roaming on iPhone issue

Hi there,

I got Anyconnect with "connect on demand" and "network roaming" activated.

Everything is working (roaming from cellulatr  to wifi and reverse).

On-site of the company, we do have a "public wifi". This wifi is directly terminated on a second interface on the ASA5510 and here is the problem.

While roaming between cellular/wifi (off-site), the Anyconnect tunnel is always terminated on the outside interface from the ASA.

On-site it tries to roam from the outside interface to the public-wifi interface and that's not happening.

After the idle-timeout, the Anyconnect builtsa new SSL-VPN connection.

ASA version is 8.2(5).

Any ideas, workaround?

Thank you an regards,


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Re: AnyConnect roaming on iPhone issue

I have tested the jabber client on iPhone with "Preset-wifi" (on cucm 9.1).
But when roaming from cellular to the Prest-wifi, Anyconnet still keep the connection. The jabber isn't moving to that wifi.

Any ideas?

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I have the same problem.

I have the same problem. Tried to define the second interface in the "Backup server list" in the AnyConnect Client Profile, but did not work. AnyConnect tries to reconnect after roaming and failes to connect. If I try to connect VPN from the Wi-Fi zone, it states "Failed contacting X.X.X.X. Trying "Y.Y.Y.Y". Then it manages to connect.

I seems that the AnyConnect client does not try the backupserver when it tries to reconnect. A bit silly…


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It's not supported on the asa

It's not supported on the asa (interface-handover). We built a workaround for the "public-wifi" with a second WAN and firewall. Norbert
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