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Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client remember password

Hi All,

I found that it is not possible on the anyconnect !

Supported features

Q. Is it possible to save the password credentials on AnyConnect so that it will not request authentication from the user (password storage feature)?

A. No, it is not possible to save the password credentials on AnyConnect.

My question is ; Is it possible to remember passowrd on Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client ?

Thank you in advance,


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There is no real way, but a

There is no real way, but a workaround.

1. in the app under settings enable remote controll (i prefere being asked thought)

2. create a link that leads to this adress: anyconnect://connect/?name=[name of your vpn profile in app]&prefill_username=[username for connection]&prefill_password=[your password]

3. click the link and any connection is being established (you may need to agree)

Somehow the "security feature" of not being able to safe the password leads to people having them saved as clear text. Maybe there should come a way to safe the password.

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If you use user certificates

If you use user certificates for authentication you can eliminate the need to enter a password manually.

Otherwise you should have users type their password or use a password manager application locally.

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Yes, but as a user you dont

Yes, but as a user you dont have a choice when certificat authorisation is not supported.


About the local Password manager: I dint find any that can enter the password in anyconnect. And switching back and forth is no fun either. The only usefull way would be to safe the link i mentioned in that manager and click it from there.

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A local password manager won

A local password manager won't prefill the password for you. But you can paste securely from one.

I use Keepass all the time in just that way.

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