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AnyConnect stripping off domain?

I am trying to setup an AnyConnect profile.

I have read the AnyConnect administrator's guide and think I have followed everything accordingly.

I can connect to my network using AnyConnect and when I look at the route details, all the split tunneling routes are in place. I can ping everything on the network, but I cannot access anything on the network. If i try to open up a network folder share, Windows prompts me for my username and password. It's as if the AnyConnect client is stripping off the domain and not sending it.

Thanks for any suggestions

New Member

Re: AnyConnect stripping off domain?

Wondering if you've resolved this?

I've got an 8.2(1) box that behaves perfectly, but my new 8.2(2) box exhibits this exact behavior. I can log in with domain\username but if I don't specify the domain it implies machine\username and fails.

New Member

Re: AnyConnect stripping off domain?

You can solve this by putting in the WINS servers for the VPN profile. We don't runs WINS but I just put my DNS servers in there again for WINS and it started working. Weird stuff, I know

New Member

Re: AnyConnect stripping off domain?

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle, that does work.

Interesting that the behavior has changed between 8.2(1) and 8.2(2),

Thank you.

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