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AnyConnect v3.0 clients unresponsive after a few minutes of being in active.

So I have been getting a few people contacing me stating that when they VPN in and connect, it becomes unresponsive after a few minutes if they walk away from the computer. They can not access email, files shares, web pages, etc.  Trying to get more info from the users but the only thing I've changed was on the VPN profile (as per cisco tac).

- decreased MTU size from 1420 to 1200

- enabled "Ignore DF Bits"

- enabled Datagram TLS"

- disabled SSL compression

What do you guys think it could be?  Everything looks right on my side and don't think those 4 items would make the anyconnect behave that way.                  

thanks in advance guys

Community Member

We have the same issue

We have the same issue.

Multiple versions of the 3.1.x client

Both mac and windows (7, 8, 8.1) clients affected.

with and without advanced endpoint checking.

ASA running 9.x

Client connects without any issues and after a certain amount of time (from 2 minutes to several hours) no more traffic will pass over the tunnel.

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