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Anyconnect vpn and windows 8.1

I have an implementation of anyconnect vpn on a c1941 that has been running good for win7 clients on anyconnect client version 3.1.04066.  I upgraded the win7 client to win 8.1 and installed the anyconnect client 3.1.04072 and cannot establish link.  I get the error 'connection attempt has failed due to server communication errors'.  I am using a third part certificate from godaddy.  I get the following on debugs

Nov 20 05:34:40.989: %SSLVPN-5-SSL_TLS_ERROR: vw_ctx: sslvpn vw_gw: gateway_1 i_vrf: 0 f_vrf: 0 status: SSL/TLS connection error with remote at x.x.x.x:x

Is windows 8.1 supported with anyconnect? 


Anyconnect vpn and windows 8.1

It should work, I think. Check if your godaddy cert of the vpn-gateway is trusted on that windows 8 PC.

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My laptop updated itself from

My laptop updated itself from 8.0 to 8.1 - and now my anyconnect doesn't work anymore. No messages, no nothing. Just pops up and goes away. I've read that it's not supported on 8.1, which is typical of Microsoft - but, I am supposed to be working from home and now I can't. And of course their helps are useless. And yes, I've uninstalled it and re-installed several times - rebooted - did all the simple normal things. No luck.


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What AnyConnect version are

What AnyConnect version are you running? AnyConnect 3.1.05182 or later should work OK.

It is noted in the release notes that you have to uninstall and reinstall when upgrading to Windows 8.1. 

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Yes. I saw that. It was

Yes. I saw that. It was uninstalled, reinstalled - etc. I have done everything everyone on google, bing, microsoft, and the whole world said to do when Microsoft broke everyone's remote access by upgrading to 8.1 - none of it worked. Looks like the problem is actually cipher incompatibility between the ASA and Windows 8.1, per the log in the ASA.

That, unfortunately doesn't fix the bluetooth issue that Windows 8.1 caused, however. I wonder if Microsoft is going to blame Cisco for that too.






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