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AnyConnect VPN Client Driver (?) Issue

Hello, I'm new to the forums and would like to thank everyone for their input in advance.

I have a user using Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Version 2.3.2016 to connect to the VPN.

It worked fine previously, now the user gets an error message stating "The VPN client driver has encountered an error" when trying to connect, after making it to the "Establishing VPN - Activating VPN Adapter" message. The client is working fine for other users and the issue seems to be specific to this users machine (XP Pro) as other users still use the Client with no issue.

I came across some documentation suggesting that it was an issue with a corrupt database but the fixes listed here didn't seem to work.

Another thing of note was that in Device Manager, "Cisco AnyConnect VPN Virtual Miniport Adapter for Windows" seems to be disabled and cannot be enabled. When trying to enable it I get "MMC has detected an error in a snap-in". Reinstalling the VPN Client has not resolved the issue either.

I was wondering if anyone had any input or ideas as far as what the issue may be. Thanks.

New Member

Re: AnyConnect VPN Client Driver (?) Issue

Hi all,

I am replying to this post because it sounds so similar to my problem.

I am using VPN AnyConnect Client Win 2.4 1012 on a standard

Windows XP system. During my attempt to connect to VPN,

I eventually get a message (in the log files) stating

The primary SSL connection to secure Gateway has been established.

However, this is a false expectation. Seconds later I get the message

Termination Reason Code 13:

Unable to start VA setup shared queue, or VA gave up on.

I then get the popup error message

"The VPN Client driver has encountered an error."  Most of the other users

in my group have no problem connecting.

I had previously loaded VPN (not the AnyConnect version) in Sept. 2009, and I

had no problem with connectivity.  I was able to connect to VPN as recently as 5 days

ago.  However, I unistalled (removed) this VPN version.  In desperation, I tried

reinstalling the old VPN .exe file from Sept. 2009, and I got the error:

"Deterministic Network Error". I'm not sure what has changed. Please any suggestions

and/or  proposed fixes would be much appreciated.


Cisco Employee

Re: AnyConnect VPN Client Driver (?) Issue


These errors arrive mostly when there is third party application is installed.

[1] So first of all make sure that there is no third party software installed  on your PC  which is blocking anyconnect to enable the virtual adapter.

[2]Make sure Routing and Remote Access Service is disabled before starting  anyconnect.

[3]Perform the steps mentioned in the link below:-

If you have dart tool installed on your machine, please attach the dart logs from working as well as non-working machine.
New Member

I am having a similar problem

I am having a similar problem, but no software (other than Windows updates carried on automatically) was added to my work laptop, as admin rights are needed for any installation. I have been using the VPN almost daily for over 6 months, and yesterday it stopped working, after having several disconnection problems over the weekend. Now I receive either a Cisco AnyConnect "The IPsec VPN connection was terminated due to an authentication failure or timeout. Please contact your network administrator." or a Login failed interface with my username and a blank field for the password to be entered again. I use the RSA SecurID code generator with my pin. I noticed that Cisco AnyConnect VPN Virtual Miniport Adapter for Windows is also disabled in Device Manager.

Update: I found my account had been blocked due to too many attempts to log in, which were caused by the disconnection problem, so probably bound to happen again.

New Member

I'm having this exact same

I'm having this exact same problem but I'm using windows 10, I've checked the fix down at the bottom but it seems the link has gone dead.  No one seems to have a fix for this, if anyone has any info PLEASE HELP!!!

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