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AnyConnect VPN setup problems- Help!

Bought a new computer with Windows 7.  I have to use Cisco AnyConnect VPN on this 64 bit version.  When I try to import lmhost file, it says "Cannot create file C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\lmhosts Try again providing a different file name. I started checking and I can't import lmhost files when DHCP is enabled. Is there a workaround?  Please keep answers (if I get any) very simple. I really don't understand networking but I need to connect to work from home.  Frustrated! Ready to cry.

  In the meantime, I messed up my CIsco wireless router so bad that I had to disconnect it. I think I deleted the wireless profile and even after I uninstalled, it reset to the point that it won't recognize my cable modem.  I am a disaster with this stuff! Help!

Appreciate any help.



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Re: AnyConnect VPN setup problems- Help!

Not too sure why you are trying to import the lmhost file.

I assume that you were using AnyConnect on your previous PC to connect to the office. How do you connect via the AnyConnect before? via browser or via the AnyConnect software?

How do you install the AnyConnect software before? via browser, or is it provided by your IT department?

What is the headend device and what version is the headend device?

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Re: AnyConnect VPN setup problems- Help!

Hi Ellen,

You shouldn't ordinarilly have to make changes to the lmhosts file when installing AnyConnect.

I noticed you mentioned that you had to run AnyConnect as you were running 64bit Windows 7. I'm not sure if you are aware, but there is now a 64bit version of the IPSec client available for Windows 7 that will work with existing IPSec (legacy VPN) configurations.

It is available for download here:

AnyConnect requires additional configuration on the headend device and is supported on ASA from version 8.0 and above.



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Re: AnyConnect VPN setup problems- Help!

Thanks. I will give that a try,

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