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ASA 5505 with 10 user license config issue

We have a 5505 with a 10 user license. We want the users to be authenicated for 13 hours, but also have the ability for users to log off and others log on during this 13 hour period.

The problem we are having is that when 10 users are authenicated via a secure-id service and some of them log off the 5505 still keeps the cached auth and will not allow additional users.  Any thoughts as to the RIGHT config commands to allow "long auth" but still allow users to come and go and be able to stay within the 10 user license?


Re: ASA 5505 with 10 user license config issue


The command ''timeout uauth xxxx'' will control the cached time for the authenticated users:

ASA(config)# timeout uauth ?

configure mode commands/options:
  <0:0:0> - <1193:0:0>  Idle time after which an authentication will no longer
                        be cached and the user will need to re-authenticate on
                        their connection, default is 0:05:00. The default uauth
                        timer is absolute.

ASA(config)# sh run timeout --> will show you the current idle/absolute time for authentication.


New Member

Re: ASA 5505 with 10 user license config issue

Here is what I have currently in the config: unauth 12:00:00  absolute unauth 12:00:00  so if I change the unauth to 00:15:00 users will stay authenicated for 12 hours if they have activity, but if they do not have any activity within 15 min they will need to re-authenicate correct?

Re: ASA 5505 with 10 user license config issue

Yes, one timeout is for idle and the other an absolute value.

So, after 15 of inactivity, they will be prompted again to authenticate.

The absolute timer is for the complete period of authentication.


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