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New Member

ASA 5510 - Radius - Too Little Memory?

Hi Everyone,

I am doing the initial configuration on our ASA 5510 to use our Radius server just as our 3005 VPN Concentrator did. I can do the test connection inside the ASA with no problems, and when I authenticate using the Anyconnect client, it appears to authenticate fine, but then dumps the connection with an error stating there is not enough memory in he ASA to allow this connection, the error message is as follows:

Error Message %ASA-4-722004: Group group User user-name IP IP_address Error responding

to SVC connect request.

Explanation There is not enough memory to perform the action.

Recommended Action Purchase more memory, upgrade the device, or reduce the load on the device.

Can this really be the case with no connections active, a single user attempting to authenticate through Radius and an out-of-the-box ASA 5510?

How much memory do you need to do simple Radius Authentication?



Re: ASA 5510 - Radius - Too Little Memory?

Hi Ken,

I have seen the ASA complain about memory before when using some sort of authentication, in my case it was with LDAP, can you go ahead and turn on radius debugs along with debug aaa common 20? Can you post your config?

New Member

Re: ASA 5510 - Radius - Too Little Memory?

Thanks for the quick reply. I don't know how to turn on Radius Debugs, with debug aaa common 20.

As towards posting my config, for security reasons I won't post the whole thing, but what in particular are you looking for?

I'll see if I can find out what you are talking about with debugging.

New Member

ASA 5510 - Radius - Too Little Memory?

I had a problem with these exact symptoms/error messages.  In my case, I had a typo in an access-list name that I was passing down as a RADIUS attribute.  Hope this helps others.  Thanks, Jeff K

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