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ASA Cannot access https device via Clientless VPN bookmark, site to site works fine

We've got two offices connected via an IPSEC tunnel.  This site to site VPN works great, we can access our remote devices fine from a PC on either LAN at each office.  The device's address is

However, if we make a bookmark on the Clientless VPN for that same address the conneciton just times out if it has to go over the site to site VPN. 

We plugged the exact same web enabled device on the local side of the VPN, put in a bookmark for its https address and it works fine.  Its just remote bookmarks for devices on the other side of the tunnel do not work.

Looking at the debug log I see the request going out from the source to the destination on port 443 but nothing more.  The NAT exemption etc are all right because people on the LAN have no problem accessing this device remotely with their browser. 

I haven't been able to adequately describe this problem to find a matching Cisco example, anyone know how to fix this?

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