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ASA dhcp proxy sevices with QIP v.7.2

        I've got an ASA 5540 runnung OS v 8.2(5) setup for RAS VPN clients to get their IP's via DHCP proxy services from a QIP v7.2 setup.

These are the commands used.

tunnel-group qiptest general-attributes
dhcp-server subnet-selection
dhcp-server subnet-selection

group-policy qiptest attributes

The phenomenum we are seeing is as follows.

The first client connected receives .1 as it's IP, even though I've told the ASA that the scope starts at .11. The client also gets .1 configured as tha default gateway !

Subsequent clients get IP's incrementally from the scope and the default gateway is also .1.

There is no gateway configured on QIP.

The clients being used are various Cisco VPN client versions, no Anyconnet clients are involved.

Any ideas as to why the lease scope isn't starting with .11 ?

Why the first client gets it's IP defined as the default gateway ?

If I teardown the tunnel for the first client and reconnect, it gets the next available IP leased, say .9 and the gw IP is then also .9 etc. wierd to say the least.

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