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ASA Easy VPN Hardware Client - Access to remote networks


I am having issues trying to setup an ASA as an Easy VPN hardware client, the other end the Easy VPN server is a Router, the issue is the ASA is displaying as connected “AM_ACTIVE” but am unable to access any of the networks on the other side of the Easy VPN Server but when I use the Cisco VPN client installed on a computer am able to access the different networks, the router has been running for a long time now the config is a bit of a mess due to the amount of things its had to do but the VPN continues to work when using the software client.

I opened this post and I used the documentation provided in this post to configure the Easy VPN hardware client.

I have attached the Router and ASA configs in the hope that someone can spot something I have missed.



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ASA Easy VPN Hardware Client - Access to remote networks


I have been doing some research and I wonder if anyone can confirm this?

My Easy VPN Server is a Cisco 1800 ISR with IOS 12.4, can the server only support client mode and not NEM (Network Extension Mode) when looking into the config of the Easy VPN Sever for an ASA you are able to specify the mode but can't seem to do this in the IOS that am using.

So this would be way the VPN is failing as the ASA Hardware Client is trying to run in NEM and it can only be ran in Client mode.

Thanks for any help on this...

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