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ASA Remote Access

When creating a DHCP scope for my VPN clients coming in via IPSEC I am told the subnet has not to be routable on the network.

I can connect in to my VPN but unable to access remote sites (only local to the ASA) due to them not having a route to my VPN Client subnet. To counter this I have to add static routes to all my remote sites. Why am I told this network has not to be routable? Surely the only way for my remote sites to talk with my VPN clients is by adding static routes making it routable?

New Member

ASA Remote Access

Hi Grant,

What is your topology like? Can you paint a much precise picture of what you are saying please. Are you the one in control of the ASA?

Clearly it's a routing issue but we need to know how you are sending the packet along to your remote site...i mean what are the hops you are paying through to get to your remote site! Very well the ASA knows about the subnet but whats the routing btw you ASA and the next hop, like you switch svi or something.

Giving a good vision of what your network looks like we might be about so resolve your problem.



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