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ASA Site-to-site VPN Tunnel

Hi There,

I have recently upgraded an ASA 5510 router at our office, which connects via a site-to-site tunnel to our Cardiff office.  The router at our end has been upgraded to version 9.1(3), but the router in Cardiff is still running version 7.2(2).

Luckily we have a spare 5510, so i've configured that how our router was before the upgrade so our site-to-site link is running via that at present, but whenever I turn it off and attempt to use the upgraded router it won't work.

I have made sure that the pre-shared key is correct.

I've noticed that on version 7.2 it's IPSec enabled, but using 9.1 it's using IKE.  Will we need to upgrade the other sites ASA to verion 9.1 in order to get the tunnel working properly?


New Member

ASA Site-to-site VPN Tunnel

Hi Tony,

Not necessarily! It should work if you get all your configurations correctly.

But I would advice that you do so! Reasons being that when troubleshooting you have the same software code running on both firewalls. It's easier to focus on one software code ver different software codes. Syntax wise you are not doing different things, but the same as far as you have both ver9.1(3) on both firewalls.

I mean everybody loves making life easy for theirself. This is one out of many advise you'll probably get on this topic.

Have a good one.


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