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ASA SLA/Track logging

Wondering if there's a way to log SLA or Track changes.

I'm already using the syslog message 622001 already, but that only logs tracked routes, not the track or SLA itself.

For example, I want to SLA/Track an item, but not necessarily tie a route to the track.


I've got several routes tied to tracks (and SLA's).

I've have an "incident" where the syslog "removed track route x.x.x.x", then "added tracked route x.x.x.x"

I'm looking to see logs for the SLA monitor itself (ping fails, status changes, etc.)

Logging 622001 seems an indirect way around getting the info.


If I am forced to use routes tied to tracks, can I put a route with a really high metric that is never in the active route table?  Or would I have to do something kludgey like putting a /32 route to a non-existent, private IP (something not anywhere in my network)?

Thanks in advance.

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