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ASA with Dual ISP One Static for VPN and one Dynamic for the rest

Hi together

I need some help for a ASA Config.

i have a ASA 5510 with 8.4.4

Two outside Interfaces call outside-vpn (static IP Address) an outside-DSL (dynamic IP Address).

One Inside Interface call inside :-)

I have a default route for outside-dsl for the www traffic.

i have a vpn site to site tunnel to a outside office. There is a static route to the peer (300.300.300.300) in the outside

office over "outside-vpn". That works fine.

Now my problem...

I have some Remote Access Clients with Cisco VPN-Clients. They connect it  to the static IP Address from the outside-VPN interface.

That`s not work. The log tell me "Routing failed to locate next hop...."

The remote access clients get their dynamic IP from the local ISP`s.

Can anybody help me!!!!!What can i do???

The ASA Routing Table

Gateway of last resort is to network

C   600.600.600.0 is directly connected, outside-VPN
C is directly connected, outside-DSL
S    300.300.300.300 [1/0] via 600.600.600.1, outside-VPN
S* [1/0] via, outside-DSL

Regard and thanks for help


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