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New Member


Hello there,

I am experiencing an issue with ASA. Attached are the configurations I am using so that you can better understand the issue.

There is a host IP - inside interface. For this interface the NAT works perfectly and it transforms into At this point, the router is reached and it executes a NAT again. The machine in question is at VLAN 2 inside.

However when I put the other machines in the same VLAN 2, at the inside interface, the NAT DOES NOT operate correctly, the other machines neither can access the Internet nor can ping the network. The other machines only ping the gateway and internal network ip through of the internet, but not ping the internet and are on same network that the machine, strange.

This is a weird behavior as I believe the configurations are exactly the same. Finally the other problem I have is the I cannot access via SSH ASA's inside Network.

Any help here is appreciated



For the 1st prob - clear arp and nat on ASA

clear arp

clear xlate

For the 2nd prob - ssh

try generatiing the crypto key again

pix(config)#crypto key generate rsa modulus modulus_size

Also enable authentication for SSH

pix(config)#aaa authentication ssh console LOCAL

Hope this helps

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