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ASA5500 AnyConnect license limit or not?

ASA5510 Security Plus 8.0(4) with 2 WebVPN licenses. I want to use the AnyConnect client at this time only.

I configure an AnyConnect profile and add 10 local AAA usernames

Only 2 can connect at a time. The AnyConnect client does get installed via the web browser. Do I misunderstand the ASA VPN licensing?



Re: ASA5500 AnyConnect license limit or not?

Phil, WebVPN is SSL driven, Anyconnect is also SSL driven this also counts towards the free lisence ASA's come with, so with two free SSL licenses you can only have two concurrent SSL client sessions whether is WebVPN or Annyconnect but not more than two, you will need to buy more licenses..


Re: ASA5500 AnyConnect license limit or not?

Phil, I meant to add in my previous post the link to provide you with ordering SSL lisence part numbers.

have a look at Tabe 2. and 3.

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Re: ASA5500 AnyConnect license limit or not?


Thanks for the clarification. It seems this all changed from the intial v7.x on the ASA. I was able to determine from your post and a call to Cisco's sales support that even the ASA5505 10 user base license can add the AnyConnect Essentials without the need for additional licensing. I'm competing with other firewall vendors who offer native SSL at no cost, but we really don't need that - AnyConnect is fine. The list price differential between the base lic and one with AnyConnect Premium SSL was >$1000 - so I had a $500 firewall with >$1000 in licensing =$1500 - I cannot sell that. Glad to see the 25 user AnyConnect Essentials at $100 list.

Thx - Phil

Re: ASA5500 AnyConnect license limit or not?

Phil, good info and thanks for sharing your findings..

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