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ASA5500 SSL VPN 10 Premium User License activation question


I apologise in advance if this thread is not posted in the correct place.

I have a Product Authorization Key for an ASA 5500 SSL VPN 10 Premium User License.

I need to apply the license to an existing ASA5510 which has certain licensed features already applied. I understand I need to visit the cisco/go/license site to enter the PAK and ultimately receive an Activation Key which I will need to apply to the ASA.

As I have not done this before I am a little cautious. I do not want to wipe out any existing features by activating the new key on the ASA which I will receive after I enter the PAK at the go/license site.

simple questions I have therefore are :

1. can I simply enter the PAK for the purchased 10 SSL User license on the go/license site and use the key I receive in the Configuration>System Image/Configuration>Activation Key : thereby ADDing the 10 user license feature to the existing licensed features


2. will I wipe out existing licensed features by doing (1).

It seems to make sense that the new key should just add the new licenses but I need to be sure as I could cause a major problem if previous features are wiped.

Again apologies if this is posted in the wrong area or if the question is not clear or appears obvious.

thanks for any guidance.


Re: ASA5500 SSL VPN 10 Premium User License activation question


You can just add the SSL activation key. This will not wipe out any features, but just add the extra functionality of expanding the default 2 allowed SSL VPN connections to 10.


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Re: ASA5500 SSL VPN 10 Premium User License activation question

Thankyou Federico for your reply.


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