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ASA5510 and CSC issue

I am having a bear of a time here. I have a new ASA running 7.2, with a CSC-10. I addressed the CSC with, the inside interface is, which I setup as the gateway for the CSC. I cannot ping it, nor access it with ASDM, in fact I had to manually setup the CSC because the ASDM would fail to upload the wizrd config to the session. What am I doing wrong?


Re: ASA5510 and CSC issue

From your CLI you did try to ping any of the ipaddress in your inside segment?

I would ask you to run through the CLI mode again by using session 1 and then setting up your network configuration. Otherwise it should be working.

I would suggest you to have a look at these training modules which give great insight in setting up the CSC module.

There is also a training module for the initial configuration of the CSC module.



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Re: ASA5510 and CSC issue

I found the initial problem was I'm an idiot and didnt connect the ethernet of the CSC to a switch. I am so used to CUE-NM with an ethernet jack that isnt used, that I just assumed it worked the same way with the SSM. I finally figured out how to get it to work, but not using the management IP, using the inside instead. For some reason I cant ping across from the management subnet to the inside subnet from the ASDM workstation, in fact I setup a layer3 switch to use for the gateway of the SSM so it can be accessed from the PC. I will read through the link you posted and see if that helps. Currently I have access to it so I can patch it to the latest rev, it is currently two behind, new in the box.

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Re: ASA5510 and CSC issue

Are there any examples on networking the SCS and ASA so the SCS can be accessed and have internet through the firewall as well as off site access?

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