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ASA5520 RDP Session Timeout


I have inherited the support of an ASA5520 running 8.0(3)12 code and I believe I have a pretty simple question here that I haven't been able to figure out on my own. I have a few users that connect to the box via IPSEC VPN client connections. They want to be able to leave up a RDP based connection, for monitoring purposes, for a most of the day, but thier RDP connection keeps getting discounnted after a few hours. The VPN connection never gets disconnected, just the RDP session running through it.  I have another box running 8.0(4) code and they can leave up the RDP sessions as long as they like without getting disconnected from the server(s). I have compared the configs of both boxes and don't see any glsring differences in regards to the configuration that would cuase the RDP sessions to either to stay up or be disconnected after an inactivity type scenario.

Would someone here be able to give me some idea of what to look for in regards to identifying the timer that is disconnecting the RDP session after a period of time. Whatever feed back provided would be greatly appreciated.



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