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Bandwidth requirements for 10 concurrent SSL VPN connections

Hi there.  I'm trying to help a small company setup remote access to their database on their server for roaming users.  The limiting factor is their Internet speed.  We're on a shared connection that's not very fast, and there is no viable alternative.

An online speed test gave me the following results: 2.15 Mb/s down, 2.59 Mb/s up, 33ms ping

My current plan is to setup an ASA 5505 to provide SSL VPN connection.  There will be Windows 2008 server running Remote Desktop Services.  We'll have up to 10 concurrent user (3 or 4 most of the time, but 10 is possible) running RDP over the SSL VPN.

Naturally, there will be other traffic over the Internet connection as well... basic web browsing and email from the handful of local users.

Is this even possible with our connection?  Approximately how much bandwidth would each VPN tunnel require?

Thanks for your help.

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