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Can not ping server next to VPN Router!

Hello, Gentlemen!

I have a site2site vpn with GRE tunneling between main office (Cisco2811)and a remote office (Cisco1841).

All the configurations are standart and similar, I used the examples on this site...

The issue:

I have main mail server in main office, and a 2nd mail sever (wich is also a DNS-server, DHCP-server, domain controller)in the Remote office. These two severs must communicate with each other, replicate their databases and so on...

I use port address translation in both Remote an Main office.

I also use some static NAT statements for the server in the Main office.

The problem is that I can ping all the devices through the VPN tunnel in every direction, except ping from Main Office to the 2nd sever in Remote Office!!

Plese, help with some wise advice =)

PS: I also have another issue with tunnel between this sites. In case of any failure (for example, reboot due to power failure) the tunnel between these sites establishes for 3-4 hours!!

I have another pair of VPN routers, and tunnel between them is established within some seconds...

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Re: Can not ping server next to VPN Router!

Hm... there was one string in the Remote router config... Static nat, that allowed to connect to remote server by RDP using external router address... I realized that NAT occures BEFORE ipsec encapsulation... and deleted those string... The server was reachable again after 20 minutes.

(by the way, HOW could RDP mapping influence ping to server?.. )

I still wonder why do i have such a big delay before the config change and tunnel changing its state to UP.... May be it is due to static NAT statements on the maim router.... I do not use route-map nonat, like this example

because i need my severs to be accesible from both Internet and tunnel from remote office..

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Re: Can not ping server next to VPN Router!

It takes 20 minutes b/c that is how long the xlate stays in place. In a pix, if you issue clear xlate, it will immediately start working. I am not 100% sure what the command is in routers.

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