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Can't see router after I connect to anyconnect VPN

I'm using an ASA 5500 and I can remotely connect to the annyconnect vpn without problems but once I connect I can't see the router or any network resources. Everything was working fine until a week or so ago when a swithch died (this switch splits the two static external ip addresses into 2 different networks). I replaced the switch and the remote location is doing fine (it's getting Internet, network resources etc...). However when I try to remotely connect to the remote office via anyconnect vpn I am able to authencate, but once I'm authencatied I can't ping/or access the router or any computers on the newtork. I even tried to access the annyconnect via web browser but all I get is a screen with the text "Object Not Found" I can't even get to a login screen when I access annyconnect via web browser. I can't post the configuration file as I can't access the remote site and it is several hours away. My questions are what could be causing this and can I fix it remotely (like have one of the staff at the remote office reboot the router)? Thanks.


Re: Can't see router after I connect to anyconnect VPN


If you can log remotely to the ASA via GUI or CLI you might be able to fix the problem.

If you say the anyconnect connects fine but cannot pass traffic, you can try adding the command ''management-access inside'' to check if you can PING the inside IP of the ASA (this will not fix the problem but will let you know if traffic is flowing through the tunnel correctly).

Also, what's the output from ''sh cry ips sa'' it should show packets encrypted/decrypted.


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Re: Can't see router after I connect to anyconnect VPN

One of the staff members rebooted the ASA router, now everything is working again. Weird.

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