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Cannot get through Scan Checkpoint

I logged on to my company's VPN at home and received an error message -

"Failed loading and initializing Check Point Endpoint Security. To launch Check Point Endpoint Security you must set this site as a Trusted Site. After setting Connectra as a trusted site press here to log into Connectra."

Problem is that my VPN address is already in the Trusted Sites so Connectra is failing to recognise it.

I have used this VPN many times before so would assume Active X was loaded. I recently installed Windows 7 but was still able to access the VPN site. I have no idea why it would suddenly stop recognising this. I am using IE8 but have also set the VPN site to display in compatibility view just in case this was the problem.

The VPN does not need Java, as my IT advised me in the past to uninstall it to stop other problems I was having a long while ago.

In Tools - Internet Options - Security - Trusted Sites some Active X items are disabled an others are enabled.

My IT Dept says it cannot provide me with support as it is not geared up for Windows 7 or IE8, but I still need to be able to access my employer's network from home.

Any suggestions as to what I can do to rectify this?

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