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Cannot upgrade the VPN-client

Hi, I have had the VPN-client, version installed for years.

I have just uninstalled this version, tried to install the that came along with our ASA 5500. It froze just before finishing up.

I have then downloaded the latest version from the support pages; but I cannot install it. The installation starts, a few screens are flickering by, and then nothing more happens. In the Task Manager I see that 'installservice.exe' is running...

I suppose remains from the earlier version is causing this problem. I have files in ..\Program Files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client, but no uninstall choice here.

Also in the Control Panel /Add/remove I do not find the VPN Client.

I will be very happy for advice on how to sort this out - and how to remove the remains of the ealier version completely.

I'm on the latest Win XP PRO.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Cannot upgrade the VPN-client


I dont know if this will work and dont see it documented for the cisco

client anywhere, but it may be worth trying the Windows installer cleanup

tool. I've had it help with some weird installation issues before.


On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 7:28 AM, scancon08 <

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Re: Cannot upgrade the VPN-client


Thank you very much for your idea! I still have the problem, but came a little closer...

The Cleanup Tool immediately  discovers the problem, see attached Image1. Answering yes to the question, enables me to install the VPN client again.

Before doing so, I checked if I could uninstall, but no uninstall facility neither in Ctl Panel nor in the program folder. The Cleanup Tool did not include the VPN client as one of the programs, it offered to uninstall.

However, I was able to start installing the new client again, but the installation freezes when almost complete. See Image2. I have to abort the processes and I'm back at square one.

Seems like an error in the Cisco VPN Client installer or perhaps the MS Installer...

So the problem remain unresolved, but I'm very thankful for your kind help, pointing me to the Cleanup Tool!


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Re: Cannot upgrade the VPN-client

Looks like your old version of Cisco VPN failed to uninstall properly, I've seen this loads of times and have this workaround if there is no Cisco VPN listed under Add/Remove programs, but files remain:

Go to Device Manager\Network Adapters and uninstall any Cisco Systems VPN Adapters that are there

If the C:\Program Files\Cisco Systems\VPN Client folder exists - delete it

If the C:\Program Files\Common Files\Deterministic Networks folder exists - delete it

Reboot the PC - not always necessary though

Install the new version of Cisco VPN

If you get a Deterministic Network Enhancer when you install the new version, simply re-boot and try again- this s a known error, insallation invariably works on the second attempt.

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Re: Cannot upgrade the VPN-client


It seems that the DNE on the Cisco systems Virtual VPN adaptor is having issues!

Just install the latest DNE version from""

Then try to reinstall the client



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