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cannt boot up Cisco VPN 5002


while trying to boot up Cisco VPN 5002, the system comes up to this point -

Initializing free memory...
+ SDRAM mem: base 0x20ae6c78, len 257004424
+   CPU mem: base 0x0000a920, len   1005280
+   Pkt mem: base 0x58000000, len   2097152
Created 128 packet buffers

PCI BIOS: Start initialization
PCI BIOS: Identify devices ...
  Device: bus-00 slot-01 fct-00 : "21143 Ethernet"
  Device: bus-00 slot-02 fct-00 : "21152 PCI-PCI Bridge"
  Device: bus-01 slot-01 fct-00 : "Compress/EnCrypt Device"
  Device: bus-01 slot-02 fct-00 : "Compress/EnCrypt Device"
  Device: bus-01 slot-03 fct-00 : "VPN Key Coprocessor"
PCI BIOS: Map devices ...
PCI BIOS: End initialization

Ethernet 0: 10/100 card in slot 1

Multislot Initialization...
+ Card in slot #1 in 2 slot chassis.  Acting as I/O Processor.
+ Initializing fiber channel
+ Finding Route Processor... 


attemping to turn the dial to any potsion will not do much,

my goal is to reset the password and bring the system to basic confugraion

Thank you for your help

Cisco Employee

Re: cannt boot up Cisco VPN 5002

Are you studying or this VPN5002 is your production device?

VPN5000 series concentrator has been EOL for a long time as per the following EOL notice:

Community Member

Re: cannt boot up Cisco VPN 5002


Thank for your reply,

Here is the message that I get when trying to access the link you have posted..

The file or application you are trying to access may require additional entitlement or you are trying to access a file with an invalid name. Additional entitlement levels are granted based on a users relationship with Cisco on a per-application basis.

I have the system itself (  pre  - owned ), and I need to do some work on it..

I am aware it's EOL, but I'm positive that there some people out there that knoe a thing or two about it 

I have some documentation about the product, but also have a slight suspicion that the product might have a hardware malfunction (or not) .

any advice will be more the appreciated ,

Thank you

Cisco Employee

Re: cannt boot up Cisco VPN 5002

Based on the booting up sequence, if it is stuck at the last sequence that you have posted, it might seem to look like a hardware issue.

I've attached the PDF of the EOL notice for your reference. It's been EOLed since August 27, 2007, so RMA is not even possible.

Maybe someone else has similar issue before.

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