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Certificate Validity Message



I'm facing with an error while Anyconnect is trying to connect, showing a message about certificate validity (As is attached to this post), but it connects successfully.

I guess something is wrong with the cert I'm using (Its essential cert).

Cert Info :


Type : General

Usage : general purpose

Valid To: 30 Dec 2014


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That message indicates the

That message indicates the VPN is set up for client certificate authentication.

So in addition to the certificate on the ASA (which verifies the server identity), you need a client certificate (to authenticate yourself).

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Dear Marvin you mean I have

Dear Marvin


you mean I have to change the certificate ?

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Please review the following

Please review the following document:

    AnyConnect Certificate Based Authentication

Your error is due to lack of proper USER certificate - not server (ASA) certificate. You need to either issue and install a proper user certificate on your client PC or setup the Connection Profile to not use certificate authentication (see step 6 in the linked document).

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Thank you dear MarvinI'm

Thank you dear Marvin

I'm going to check it out this evening.

I have opened a discussion post about restricting P2P Traffic, I configured ACL, but its not working well.nobody replied me, it would be appreciate if you could assist me.

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