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Cisco 2811 - Linksys RV082 - Site-to-site VPN Problem


I try several configuration to make a "correct" Site-to-site VPN between a RV082 (Firmware and a Cisco 2811 (firmware advsecurity 12.4(15)T9 - using SDM interface)

A each time the VPN work correctly.... during few minutes and after it was impossible to ping (for example) anything... But the VPN statuts still connected !!!

When the "tunnel breack" :

From the RV082 LAN : I can't do nothing (no ping, and anything else) and when I try a traceroute, it take a wrong way (hope to the internet instead of vpn...). Of course I can't ping the 2811 Lan interface...

From the 2811 LAN : I can only ping the RV082 Lan interface ( and can't ping any other LAN machine

                               BUT I still access to them (Web interface, Display remote (like VSM or Dameware) !!! it's very strange !

If I restart the VPN (from the RV082) all return good... during 3-4 minutes...

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Re: Cisco 2811 - Linksys RV082 - Site-to-site VPN Problem


I try to change the RV082 by a new one with the same configuration, and... nothing

The VPN still ok during 3-4 minutes and after I can't acces the 2811 LAN from the RV082 LAN (no ping, and nothing else), but the vpn status stay "UP", I can access RV082 LAN from the 2811 LAN (but I can ping only the RV082 LAN interface from the 2811 LAN)...

Noone have a solution for me ???

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