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cisco 876 vpn with cisco configuration professional?


I want to setup a vpn network from my home to the office with 2 876 routers using cisco configuration professional. Is there a step by step walkthrough for this thing?

This what I want to do:

I have an  small office where I run a erp software (with ms sql) I often work from home and need to connect to the erp. Sometimes I use a notebook when I go to a trip and need also to connect to the office.

So my plan was to purchase 2 x 876 modems connect home with office and use a vpn client software from my laptop when I am on the road.

I installed  cisco configuration professional on the computer I ran the easy vpn wizard which seems to complete OK and doing a test from within  cisco configuration professional It passes all tests.

I tried to test the vpn tunnel with the cisco vpn client software but can't seem to connect. I get an error 412.

I am almost sure the firewall blocks the connection

I guess I must.

1. configure easy vpnserver

2. Create remote user

3. configure firewall to allow connections

4. Configure the ACL to allow connection to the server where the erp program is installed (IP

5. Add rules so ms sql and other traffic can pass thru the tunnel

6. configure easy vpn remote with split conection (So I can also browse the internet while online with the office)

7. Configure the vpn software on the laptop

8. ...

As I am no techician I try to do this via  cisco configuration professional. Can this be done?

Is there a step by step walkthrough for this?

Pleas help me


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