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Cisco AnyConnect for Blackberry 10?

When will Cisco AnyConnect be available for Blackberry 10?  I need it!  Thanks.

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To the best of my knowledge,

To the best of my knowledge, Cisco hasn't announced any release date for the AnyConnect client for BlackBerry 10.

It may be worth trying the OpenConnect APK for your BlackBerry. OpenConnect is an open source AnyConnect client for multiple platforms. You should be able to sideload the APK and make it functional on your BB10 device.​

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Thanks Jody.  Unfortunately

Thanks Jody.  Unfortunately it didn't work.  I contacted the author of the app and he didn't know of anyone trying it on a Blackberry.  He suggested OpenVPN for Android as it is a "non-root" app.


There have been rumours that Cisco will put out AnyConnect for BB10.  I installed the newest leaked 10.3.1 OS on my Blackberry and in the VPN setup it now has "Cisco AnyConnect" in the list but when I click on it, it says I must download the Cisco service for this VPN and takes me to the Blackberry World with the search string "cisco" but no Cisco AnyConnect app is there yet.  If it is coming, I would dearly like to know *when* !!!

Is there any Cisco person out there that can tell me the status (or non-status) of AnyConnect for BB10?    :-)


If it's in the leaked 10.3.1

If it's in the leaked 10.3.1 OS, I imagine that the release of the AnyConnect client is in the "really soon now" timeframe.

I did some looking around and found this link:

It's definitely a "try this at your own risk" thing because I don't know anything about this site.

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Thanks.  Turns out it is the

Thanks.  Turns out it is the same APK as I download to my BB using the Snap app which micmics the Google Play store for easy access to Android apps.  I have found simpler Android apps (simpler than a VPN) run fine on my BB.

New Member now has the now has the option to select:

Gateway Type: Cisco ASA

Authentication Type: XAUTH-PSK

Sure this requires an IPSec group name/password combination, but it has finally allowed me to connect VPN to my Cisco ASA device.
There is an AnyConnect client coming, it's in closed beta testing right now.  However, this should allow you to at least get your device VPN connected.

Cisco Employee

We are pleased to announce

We are pleased to announce the start of the Open Beta program for AnyConnect on Blackberry 10.


Beta Eligibility


Any customer with Blackberry 10.3.1 OS devices is eligible to participate. To participate, AnyConnect (beta) can be accessed directly from the Blackberry 10.3.1+ device by using the following URL:


For end users, please obtain approval from your IT Department prior to attempting to use beta software.


AnyConnect for Blackberry 10 beta should function with any ASA which is properly licensed & configured to support AnyConnect mobile connections. Certain features (i.e. TLS 1.2) will require newer ASA versions, i.e. ASA 9.3(2).


Additional release information / Known Issues


Additional information can be found in the AnyConnect for Blackberry 10 beta release notes at:…/b_Release_Notes_Blackberry_AnyConnec…


Feedback / Questions

AnyConnect for Blackberry 10 beta is not supported by the Cisco TAC. Please do not open any cases with the Cisco TAC for assistance.


Please direct feedback (positive and negative) and questions to:

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Interesting how they're

Interesting how they're playing out this new AnyConnect. Thanks for the details.

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