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cisco ASA 5505 256MB vs 512MB


recently I had a power cut in the office and my Cisco ASA 5505 512MB Base 10 user License stopped working.

it was not possible to establish L2L VPN.

I replaced it with another ASA 5505 with 256MB RAM Base 10 user License.

I restored the configuration and everything is working now.

The main problem is that before (with the 512MB ASA)  I had two L2L tunnels established  and many clients (up to 30 clients)

using the two tunnels. Now with the 256MB ASA when the clients being in the L2L reach 10 clients,

the other clients stop working inside the VPN, they cannot reach hosts which are on the other

end of the L2L. This could be due to te less amount of RAM ?? Otherwise I can't explain this behaviour.

Could I solve this buying the 50 user license upgrade ?

But in my previous ASA I had the Basic 10 user license and everything was working with many clients

reaching hosts behind the two tunnels.

Any hints ?

thank you very much



cisco ASA 5505 256MB vs 512MB

It is related to License issue. Are you sure that you got only 10User base license on old unit? If that is the case, that is strange. License upgrade should work for you.



New Member

cisco ASA 5505 256MB vs 512MB

Yes I am sure they are both base license.

but the 512MB one has version 8.2, the 256MB one has  version 7.2

so you think it is not related at all with RAM amount ?

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cisco ASA 5505 256MB vs 512MB


It does not sound at all like the difference in RAM would cause this symptom. Stopping after 10 clients does sound like a licensing issue.



cisco ASA 5505 256MB vs 512MB

' I am sure they are both base license' - Cisco missed something and you got lucky with the unit then :-). As Rick mentioned, RAM has nothing to do with this. Upgrade the license.



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