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Cisco ASA 5510 connecting two Internet gateways ???

ASA Experts,

I owned a Cisco ASA 5510 with SSM10. I'll explain my dream deployment scenario and please advice !

I have 4 DSL internet lines in to the company and also a 1Mbps Internet Leased Line with a Public IP block. 4 DSL connections will be load balance by a hardware device and it will be a one gateway and the other gateway is from the Internet Leased Line Connection.

1. I need to connect these two gateways in to the ASA 5510 and manage as I need. is that possible ?

2. If that so, I need to use 4 DSL connection to browsing requirement for the LAN users and use Internet Leased Line Connection for the VPN, EMail, DMZ web server requirements ??

Please advice !!!!

Thanks a lot !


Re: Cisco ASA 5510 connecting two Internet gateways ???

u can achieve it but not completly

becaue what u asking for can be done easly with PBR which is policy based routing

unfortunatly this feature not supported in ASA

but what u can do

if u have a remote network for vpn through the lease line and aslo remote DMZ network u can make the following

make a static route for each network mentioned above and mkae it through the leased line interface

then make a default route and make it point to the dsl interface

for example lets say the remote VPN LAN is

and the interface conncted to the leased line gateway is outside and the interface connected to the dsl gateway is outside2

do it like

route outside [ip address of leased line router]

route outside2 [ dsl gateway IP]

good luck

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Re: Cisco ASA 5510 connecting two Internet gateways ???

ok got your point ! Thanks a lot ! I'll come with some questions soon !

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