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Cisco PIX problems with DNS on Windows CE HH only

I have four depot sites that communicate with our HQ using a 501 PIX at each site and a 506e at HQ. We not have any DNS problems with the PCs at these locations. We are running DHCP using a Motorola WS2000 at each site. The problem is with the Symbol handhelds running Windows CE. They Tcom with a server at HQ. They work fine with the IP address of the server in the tcom settings. When we try to use a DNS setting in them they cannot resolve the name.

All of our other sites communicate over a frame relay network using the same WS2000, handhelds, and settings. Their HHs do not have problems tcomming using DNS. The only difference between the sites is the PIX.

I have tried removing the fixup protocol dns maximum-length 512 command from the PIX configs and they still cannot resolve the DNS name. I have spoken with Symbol and asked if they do anything special with DNS requests and they said no. Any ideas?


Re: Cisco PIX problems with DNS on Windows CE HH only

This may occurs if the DNS server is not defined, especially in cases where PIX/ASA is the DHCP server. Also, this can occur in cases if the PIX/ASA is unable to push the DNS server or if the DNS server is not reachable.

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Re: Cisco PIX problems with DNS on Windows CE HH only

Why would this only occur with the handhelds at the site? The PCs at these depot locations are not having any problems with DNS. We are using the WS2000 for handling the DHCP requests.

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