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Cisco Secure Desktop - Transfering Files Locally

Hello Guys,

I've managed to set up CSD and WebVPN in my organisation. But some of our suppliers wants to transfer files from their local PC through the CSD to our servers. Also they will need to transfer files accross from the servers to the local pc, yes with CSD in between.

I noticed, all files created on CSD gets deleted after closing it, is there a way to transfer this files from CSD to local PC before closing CSD?

Many thanks Guys,

Olayemi Salau


Re: Cisco Secure Desktop - Transfering Files Locally

The character-encoding attribute is a global setting that, by default, all WebVPN portal pages inherit. However, you can use the file-encoding command to specify the encoding for WebVPN portal pages from specific CIFS servers. Thus, you can use different file-encoding values for CIFS servers that require different character encodings. The mapping of CIFS servers to their appropriate character encoding, globally with the webvpn character-encoding attribute, and individually with file-encoding overrides, provides for the accurate handling and display of CIFS pages when the proper rendering of file names or directory paths, as well as pages.

New Member

Re: Cisco Secure Desktop - Transfering Files Locally

Hi Olayemi,

do you have a solution for that kind of problem? I have to setup exactly the same configuration as you described before.

Best regards


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