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Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator Syslog Configuration

Dear All,

           Group Information and Session Type values are not populated in the syslogs. I would like to know why those informations are not populated in the syslog. Am I missed any configuration?

Old log:

<189>1411153: 2009 Sep 16 00:06:51.940 EST -5:00 %AUTH-5-28: RPT=10309: User [foobar] Group [Base Group] disconnected:  Session Type: IPSec  Duration: 12:22:22  Bytes xmt: 94835896  Bytes rcv: 10344280  Reason: User Requested

New log:

<189>57: 2009 Nov 02 02:55:55.160 PST -8:00 %AUTH-5-28: RPT=1: User [saran] disconnected:  Duration: 0:02:00  Bytes xmt: 2208  Bytes rcv: 0  Reason: User Requested

   Please find the difference between the above two logs for a VPN User disconnection and guide me to get the log information like the Old log.

Any Configuration needs to check?

My Syslog Configuration in VPN 3000 Concentrator:

I followed the below steps  to configure my Cisco 3000 VPN Concentrator:

  1. Configuring Syslog Server
    1. Login to the Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator Management console.
    2. Goto Configuration > System> Events >Syslog Servers
    3. Click the Add button
    4. In the Syslog Server text box enter  the IP Address of  the machine where Firewall Analyzer is running.
    5. Enter the Port value.  The default syslog server port for Firewall Analyzer is 514.
    6. Facility is Local 7
  2. Configuring Syslog Events
    1. Goto Configuration > System> Events >General
    2. For Syslog Format you can either select Original or Cisco IOS Compatible format.
    3. For Events to Syslog select Severities  1-5
    4. All other configurations are default for this page.
    5. Click Apply button

Awaiting your feedback.

Thanks & Regards,


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