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Cisco VPN client with Cisco 877 router


At home I have a Cisco 877 (ADSL) router, I need a couple of friends to be able to connect to my home network, can they use the Cisco VPN client to connect to my home router?  I've configured this before on Pix's and ASA's but it also always using the ASDM's GUI wizard, I dont know where to start on my 877's CLI.

Any help would be great or a simple example config


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Re: Cisco VPN client with Cisco 877 router


I think they all have the 5.0.x client and need to access my network as well as theirs, so would I need to somehow turn on split tunnelling?

Also how can I test the VPN locally as I have no other outside line?

Just realised my biggest issue is I have a dynamic public IP, I use dynamic dns so they could ping my friend url and get the public IP I guess.


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Re: Cisco VPN client with Cisco 877 router

Yes, you can configure split tunnel so your friend can still browse the Internet locally via his/her own ISP connection.

Here is the sample config:

You should ask one of your friend to test the VPN, or alternatively, when you are outside, you can test with your own laptop, as if you enable the isakmp and crypto from the inside, that would not be a true test.

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