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Cisco VPN or VPNC on Linux...

From what I've seen, the cisco VPN client for linux no longer works at all  on the newest 2.6.31 kernel - despite the couple of code patches that  have been out in the wild for it.  The IP Stack has been radically changed from older versions.  Applying patches to the code freezes the computer.

Also, VPNC is having trouble  too - does anyone have it working on a non-standard TCP port for IPSEC  (something other than IP_Protocol 50, 51)  for example, the IPSEC tunnel  would be configured for TCP/30,000 for example....

Any solutions for Mandriva?

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Re: Cisco VPN or VPNC on Linux...


I have used vpnc without a problem.Why are you trying to use non-standard ports? I normally set it to use NAT-T and never had any issues or worry about ports



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Re: Cisco VPN or VPNC on Linux...

A decision was made (before I began my current position), to use IPSEC thru TCP instead of doing it the 'native' way.  Also, a good many users are configured this way, so we can't "flip the switch" on the concetnrator that puts IPSEC over the native ports.   We're trying to make all this work using our current configuration.  So:

VPNC:  Having trouble working at all, with non-standard IPSEC transport

Cisco VPN Client:  Will probably work on older kernels, but does not work on the newest kernel, due to significant IP stack changes

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