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client to client communication on 7140


Is is possible to enable client to client communication using an 7140 with the Cisco VPN client ?

I'd imagine it would have to be configured something like this:

ip local pool ippool

and then use the following acl to classify this traffic:

access-list 101 permit ip

when pinging from a client to a client the following reply is given:

reply from <router-ip>: destination net unreachable

wishing you all happy holidays


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Re: client to client communication on 7140

You should be able to do this. Keep in mind you have to add a route on the 7140 for the client IP pool, and point it out the interface with the crypto map on it. Otherwise the router is just going to try sending this out the inside interface and it'll get lost. With the IP pool you've shown it's difficult to create a route specifying all those addresses, you might want to change your pool to something that can be easily subnetted and then try it.

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Re: client to client communication on 7140

Thanks for your response, we tried adding a route

(ip route f0/0)

but to no effect. I noticed that the virtual interface on my workstation gets assigned a netmask of when using the 10.x addresses. Changing the pool to altered this behaviour and gave a netmask of even though the gateway is running 'ip classless'. Perhaps if I could configure the netmask that is given to the client to things would work better, but I can't seem to find any commands that do that.

Any more tips and tricks would be appreciated.


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