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Client VPN construction

I have a remote firewall, to which a web and a database servers are connected. Now I want to connect to this firewall via the internet by using the VPN technology.

In my office (located remotely) my PC, along 15 other PCs, are connected to a Cisco 877 router which dynamically assign the IP addresses to each of the PC on the LAN via DHCP (ADSL connection).

I'll install the Client VPN on my PC. For this (LAN) architecture, can I "build up" a VPN channel from my PC to the firewall to access the web and database servers?

If so, can I only make my PC has the access to the VPN channel, while deny the rest of PCs in my office (I do not want the rest to access the VPN)?

Many thanks.



Re: Client VPN construction

you mentioned you are going to install vpn client onto your pc, so the vpn is terminated on your pc not the 877 router, thus no one else in your office will have access unless they hack into your pc.

the reomte site has a firewall, is it a pix? if so, there should be no drama with your scenario.

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