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Clientless VPN and DHCP/Routing kinda


I have an ASA 5505 and I have setup a clientless VPN usable via web. I have tested it on an internal network. Vlan 2 (outside) can load the login screen and login to it. Then VPN to vlan 1 (inside). My issue is when I added the firewall rules I added any any ip for both interfaces...I guess I dont know why I cannot leave my LAN and go outside of vlan 1.

Vlan 1 has the server and it can not browse web/ping/any IP related functions.

vlan 2 is outside interface and it can VPN and see the computer.

My second issue is DHCP. I have a netgear commercial router (as commercial as it gets) Its not a blade but a step up from consumer. I want to disable the DHCP on it and have the ASA take care of DHCP but it still allow use of routers wireless features.

So it would be

ISP > Modem > Firewall > Router > Devices

Most of the devices at this office are wireless so I need the router.


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