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Concentrator VRRP

I have 3020 VPN Concentrator. Everything is running fine. Now management wanted to add second VPN 3020 Concentrator. Of course i will configure the VRRP and three global Ip addresses is required for it. Two for Concentrators and one for VRRP IP. Now I wanted to know, How the configuration will replicate. After configuring VRRP, My currently concentrator will become master. If I will Configure New VPN Conncection. Will i configure on Master concentrator or I suppose to configure Both master and Slave. Kindly guide me and help me out.

Will slave also connect to Internet Router or its Public Interface will connect with Master Concentrator only. How Private interface will configure how routing will be occur. Right now concentrator public is connected with Internet Router and Private Interface is connected with Lan Switch. How I will plug the Second Slave Conncentrator in network.

How the network topology will be. Please help me out.

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