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Configuration and Installation of ACS 4.1 went wrong.

Hello, I have 2 servers that are botch Windows 2008 64 Bit servers. They run Cisco ACS 4.1. One of the servers was not replicating and I was asked to get replication to work. The replication was supposed to be one way. Here is where everything went wrong.

I have 2 ACS servers, one that is located in Chicago and one that is Located in New York

The Chicago server was not taking the replication, so I started to build a new one and wanted to decomission the old one.

I installed this on a VM Box, Windows 2008 R2 64 BIT, then I have to run a ACS 4.1 Update, which gave me an exceptionally hard time to install. I had to use backward compatibility in order to complete the installation. Once the program was installed, here is where I think I went wrong.

I did not know what the password was for the acs internal database encryption, so I put in what I thought it may be, the installation completed and I was able restore the database from New York to the Chicago server. Everything looked to be ok, and I tested replication and after that, NONE of the ACS servers would work any longer, we had to restore it from an old image. Would using and incorrect acs internal database encryption password have caused this? Is there a default password for this?

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Configuration and Installation of ACS 4.1 went wrong.

Here is what I was attempting to install



Then attempted to run the below update


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Configuration and Installation of ACS 4.1 went wrong.

The server lost the configuration because I copied the database from the New York server to the Chicago server.

Once the versions of ACS were identical, replication must have taken place and it may have caused configuration issues or some type of conflict which reflected on both servers, making communication on both servers nonexistent.

I built a new server with a different name, and ran the update to it, without selecting ANY options upon installation, I also made sure the java and windows updates were complete. The updates would not work previously; I believe it did not work because I restored the database before installing the update.

Once I installed ACS and then the updates, I had to first install v 4.1 with compatibility (Windows 2008 SP1). Then I installed the update and it installed without issue.

That is my best guess at what happened.

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