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Configuration help with IPSEC VPN on RV042G

Trying to setup a Client to Gateway IPSEC VPN Tunnel on an RV042G with the latest firmware (v4.2.3.03).

Tried all the basic variations, even dumbed it down to 3DES/SHA1. The limited log on the Cisco shows the IPSEC connection inbound, but the client just reports a timeout.

I've tried using different 3rd party apps on Windows 7 and the native client on the Galaxy S4 (all sorts of options for IPSEC), but still nothing.

This is all inside in a lab environment to rule out any WAN provider issues.

I'm hoping it's something simple that I've overlooked rather than discovering that this device will not work in this manner.

From what I can tell, it works fine with PPTP, QuickVPN client, and Gateway to Gateway modes - just not Client to Gateway.

Anyone?  Thanks!


Update:  Contacted Cisco Tech Support. They were certainly very nice and wanted to help, but according to them - while the RV042G has the Client to Gateway IPSEC option - it's not supported.  They only support the PPTP and/or QuickVPN client access.


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Hi , I am using RV042 , is

Hi ,

 I am using RV042 , is that true this model does not support Client to Gateway funcations as there is no way any one will design a router in which does not support but yet have such features in the router? Is that answer from CISCO?

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